Live and draw in Oakland, CA. I really like 80s-90s underground comics (Comix) and the kind of animation I used to see on Liquid Televison. I'm also hooked on pulp comics from 50s..
I'm love listening to music when I draw and I often make art that are related to mostly rock music

oh, Rock Paper Scissors Collective won Best Of The Bay for ZINES… wait that’s the department I head. nice!
official studio mascot
Nice review of How to Survive 9 to 5 cartoon on AINT IT COOL NEWS!


Criterion Collection - Scanners artwork by Connor Willumsen

Criterion’s newly, restored 2K digital film transfer, supervised by director David Cronenberg, is out on Blu-ray. It’s jam backed with head exploding extras, not to mention eyeball melting exterior and interior artwork. Available HERE.


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around the neighborhood

One of my favorite voice actors and star of our new animation series, 9 to 5 is hving a book signing for her gorgeous new art book. Ill be there fo shyo!


Last night pehrspace photo by bridgethevoid


Last night pehrspace photo by bridgethevoid

made up some merch signs for The Sam Chase, the band my special lady plays cello for. Those Zine-fests got me prepped for this moment

this is a really cool drawing of Simpsons. Makes me want to love them. which now I remember I do, at least the ones I saw,