Live and draw in Oakland, CA. I really like 80s-90s underground comics (Comix) and the kind of animation I used to see on Liquid Televison. I'm also hooked on pulp comics from 50s..
I'm love listening to music when I draw and I often make art that are related to mostly rock music

Just a few more days before I go back to visit Japan, the spookiest place on earth

Thanks for sharing Ect-tet. Rad video, I love the story telling with visuals. It would be fun to watch on a big screen.

A Kenneth Patchen story made into an animation, could have been what you were up to in a past lifetime, or something.

"about the author"

Animal House- A true story about when I lived in Berkley, CA

That was an amazing show. those were some great times

Hello Zinsters and friends of zinesters-

Rock Paper Scissor in Oakland is currently accepting Zines for sales in our store!
If you want your love and labored zines to be on display in beautiful Oakland (right at the art of the art walk district), then inquire at

I’ll get you signed up, input you in our inventory and you’re on your way to becoming a mini-celebrity. AmaZINE!
RPS is 60% 40% consignment in the author’s favor.
If you have a genius zine making friend that is sitting on gems, send them the info. Support your artist pals, get the out of their house and on the shelves!

Zine Coordinator at Rock Paper Scissors Collective

BRAVESTARR in the styling of ROBOCOP



Coming Attractions Friday Edition

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